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Geothermal Control Sign
Does it look like a real bomb? It better. You got to put it on the core past Geothermal Control, and we'll see if these needlenoses knew what the hell they were talking about.
― Atlas[src]

Geothermal Control helps to regulate the direction of the flow of hot fluid from the geothermal vents surrounding Rapture and diverting it for power in the Hephaestus district. The lower area flooded just after the start of the Rapture Civil War, blocking access to Harmonic Core #3.


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With the completed EMP bomb, Jack must travel to Geothermal Core. However, the drainage system in Geothermal Control has been offline following damages from the civil war. Atlas suggests that Jack can divert the flowing magma to boil he water away. However, the area is still guarded by two turrets with the Redirect Valve in the center.

New DiscoveriesEdit

New Plasmids and Tonics (Found)Edit

  • Shorten Alarms 2 - Next to a corpse after taking the elevator down in Geothermal Control

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