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Entryway to Eden.

Our Prophet fills our lungs with water, so they may better love the air.
― Male Pilgrim[src]

The Garden of New Eden is one of the first areas explored in Columbia. A part of the Welcome Center, the Garden of New Eden serves as a peaceful place of prayer and contemplation. The garden features rose bushes, reflecting ponds, hummingbirds and angelic statuary. Many worshipers are seen here, dressed in white robes and praying to the three Founding Fathers George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. Statues of the Founding Fathers, each holding their respective symbols, surround the baptismal pool to greet pilgrims entering into Columbia proper after being baptized.

BioShock InfiniteEdit

Angel with Comstock's Word

An angel statue with the word of Comstock.

Main article: BioShock Infinite
After being "baptized" by Preacher Witting, Booker regains consciousness in the garden. He is not impressed by the vocal professions of faith from the pilgrims. After drinking in scenery, he quickly heads for the New Eden Square to continue on his journey to Monument Island


Behind the ScenesEdit


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