Fresh Water Icon (Bio 2)
For the invention part in BioShock, see Distilled Water.

A jar of desalinated Fresh Water.

Desalinization, now in your own home! Convenient; affordable. Be an Individual!
― Mendelson and Waits Technological Advancements catalog copy[src]

Fresh Water is a consumable beverage found in BioShock 2, and is exactly what the label suggests. At the bottom of the ocean the immediate assumption is that water is easy to come by, but water fit for drinking is another matter entirely. A jar of desalinated drinking water is a precious commodity. These were required by Ryan's forces, as well as Fontaine's Splicers during the Rapture Civil War as the city's infrastructure broke down.

Uses Edit

  • Drinking a jar of Fresh Water will restore a small amount of EVE.

Help Caption Edit

A jug of Fresh Water will restore a small amount of EVE. Like all food and drink, it is consumed immediately when picked up.

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