Free Men & Free Markets is a Need to Know Theater, narrated by Andrew Ryan, found outside of Ryan the Lion Preparatory Academy in Burial at Sea - Episode 2.

NTKT FreeMen Poster

"Free Men & Free Markets"
Level: Housewares

Transcript: Are you in the know? There has been a lot of idle talk from gadflies and naysayers following the nationalization of Fontaine Futuristics. I believe in free men and free markets. But I also believe in my city. And Frank Fontaine's purpose was nothing less than the destruction of Rapture. It was he who gave comfort to the laggards and layabouts. It was he who coddled the tramps and vagabonds. Fontaine was poisoning the people of Rapture. But his venom wasn't made of arsenic or strychnine. No -- it was concocted from something far deadlier. It was brewed…from altruism. Now you know.

Location: Outside the Ryan the Lion Preparatory Academy on the right next to a Circus of Values.

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Free Man Free Markets01:07

Free Man Free Markets

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