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AudioLog FelixMolloy Title For All Occasions
Speaker Felix Molloy
Level Housewares
Date December the 15th, 1958
For All Occasions
For All Occasions
Transcript: So, uh… So, Atlas asked me to figure out where to strike first when we bust outta this place, but -- you know, it all depends on when we get out, you know? I mean, November 5th? There's a big founding of Rapture shindig at Fort Frolic. Valentine's Day? You know, I mean, Arcadia's real popular. Uh… And it's near New Year's Eve, then -- hey, we could pop the corks off all the stuffed shirts down at the Kashmir Restaurant!

Location: After gaining access to Atlas' hideout in Test-Drive, this can be found on a desk near a map of the city limits of Rapture.

VP gNr102-lNr04 Felix Molloy - For All Occasions f0705

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