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Yi Suchong Title Fontaine's Human Jukebox
Speaker Yi Suchong
Level Olympus Heights
Fontaine's Human Jukebox
Suchong - Fontaine's Human Jukebox
Transcript: All those years we thought we were making progress: with our Skinner boxes and our electric shocks… what a waste of time. Until ADAM, you could no more domesticate a child than a boa constrictor… Fontaine gives Suchong history for child that he wants to imprint into child's head. Kid not a person, he jukebox, ready to play whatever tune Fontaine wants to hear.

Location: Suchong's apartment, behind the table barricade in the dining room.

AD gNr103-lNr02 Yi Suchong - Fontaine's Human Jukebox f0502

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