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Buck diary Title Flies in the Ointment
Speaker Buck Raleigh
Level BioShock 2 Multiplayer
Flies in the Ointment
Buck Raleigh - Flies in the Ointment
Transcript: Always some fly in the ointment. Life in Rapture's been gooder'n grits. Business is boomin' and me and Clara, hell, that woman's smile's warmer than a belly full of bourbon, wish I could bottle that and sell it. But now there's these Atlas radicals causin' social unrest. Caught two of 'em in my factory, one with a pipe, t'other with a pocketful of saltpeter. Clara worries about my heart, says not to overreact. Well, I worry about hers, it's just too big for business. Markets might correct themselves, but men? Men need punishing to get right.

Location: On the couch in the player's apartment.

AD BioShock 2 Multiplayer Audio Diaries Location f0526

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