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Rachelle Jaques Title Fitness
Speaker Rachelle Jacques
Level Adonis Luxury Resort
AD gNr002-lNr02 Rachelle Jacques - Fitness f0003
Transcript: My husband is such a perfect idiot. Throws away all his spending money on Gene Tonics to affect a look of physical fitness… so he'll have an excuse to sit on his rear all day listening to radio serials! "Stephen," I tell him, "if you want to be fit, come swim laps with me, the old-fashioned way. It's your mind that's atrophying." Maybe I'll start sneaking some Brain Boost into his daily regimen…

Location: In the locked sauna room of Adonis Baths.

AD gNr002-lNr02 Rachelle Jacques - Fitness f0004 AD gNr002-lNr02 Rachelle Jacques - Fitness f0005

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