Fireworks Barrel render

Fireworks are environmental hazards in the city of Columbia in BioShock Infinite. They are normally used to celebrate events such as Columbia's secession from the United States.

They are sold by Lewis Brothers for 50¢ in 100 different varieties.



Lewis Brothers fireworks poster

Advertisement for Lewis Brothers fireworks.


A barrel full of fireworks.

Barrels filled with fireworks are seen primarily throughout the Town Center and on the Comstock Center Rooftops.

Some barrels explode when shot at or exposed to open flame when using Devil's Kiss.


Fireworks Launcher render

Firework launchers are located on the Hovercraft in Raffle Square and the plaza in Shady Lane. They can be set off numerous times, but the effect is purely cosmetic.


Behind the ScenesEdit


Advertisement for Leonie Brothers fireworks.

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