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Kinetoscope Fink Makes Half-Men into Handy-Men

"Fink Makes Half-Men into Handy-Men!"
Level: The Columbian Archeological Society

Tumors have long confounded our medical establishment.
[a man writhes on the operating table while doctors are unable to do anything]
Once transplanted to Fink's miracle suit, he is productive once again!
[the Handyman flexes his mechanical muscles in front of a crowd at the Fairgrounds]
[the Handyman pounds the floor]

Location: In the museum section the second one on the right side. It's available to purchase in the museum for $2000

KIN gNr041-lNr02 Own Love Story - Half-Men into Handy-Men - Melodies Sweep Columbia f0835

Video Edit

Fink Turns Half-Men into Handy-Men!00:30

Fink Turns Half-Men into Handy-Men!

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