Leo Hartwig Title Field Trial #1
Speaker Leo Hartwig
Level Pauper's Drop
Field Trial #1
AD gNr055-lNr21 Leo Hartwig - Field Trial -1 f0114
Transcript: Survival of the fittest. That's the rule in the Drop, the only rule. These numbskulls can't see the potential in leftover traces of Sports Boost, Armored Shell, the tonics for increasing muscle mass and density... but I see the king of the jungle. First field trial of my new formula. Subject: Hartwig, Leo. Alright... Here goes... Ughh... urghh... rrrrrrrrRRRRRAAAGHHH!

Location: On Brute Splicer near Fishbowl Diner after having confronted Grace Holloway.

AD gNr055-lNr21 Leo Hartwig - Field Trial -1 f0115 AD gNr055-lNr21 Leo Hartwig - Field Trial -1 f0116

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