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Felix Birnbaum
"Funny thing about livin' in the city of tomorrow, everybody takes it for granted."
―Felix Birnbaum[src]

Felix Birnbaum is an employee at Rapture Central Computing. He is heard in an Audio Diary complaining about Rapture's citizens being ungrateful.[1] Ironically, a former colleague of his claimed that Felix ripped him off by taking all the credit for their project, who repaid the favor by putting Felix's new office key in a Circus of Values vending machine.[2] In the Programming wing of Operations, his key can be bought for $250, and will give access to his office.

Audio DiaryEdit

Minerva's DenEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Felix Birnbaum's Audio Diary portrait already existed in BioShock 2's original files, but was only put into use in Minerva's Den.


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  2. Brent Hudson's Audio Diary: Milk Money

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