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I am scared for my daughter, Amy. I will do anything to find her, please say you can help.
― Esther George[src]

Esther George is the mother of daughter Amy George. Her daughter was kidnapped on August 10, 1967 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Esther was interviewed for her story by the "World Weekly Oracle" tabloid. The magazine featured a blurry image of what is now known as a Big Sister and printed Esther's eyewitness account.

On August 14, she wrote a letter to Mark Meltzer regarding the kidnapping. She described the Big Sister as being tall and gangly like a ballet dancer. She had previously approached the National UFO Society (N.U.F.O.S.) and now pleads for Meltzer's help.[1]

Letter to Mark MeltzerEdit

Nat'/ org
can I enlist
their help??

August 14, 1967

Dear Sir: No! NOT a "flying" saucer
I talked to some people in
a UFO group, NUFOS, and they
gave me your address as
some one who can help.

The night we had the red
lights out in the (Aug. 10)th
the same night somebody
took my daughter out of
our house. I didn't see
much execpt this person
was tall and gangly.
Like a ballet dancer
almost. Maybe even
a woman, I know
thats sounds nuts. She (?)
had a red light which
makes me think, it
had something to
do with UFOS

Not coming from the air...
it's coming from the

I am scared for my
daugher Amy. I will
do anything to find
her, pleas say you can

what am I supposed to tell these people???

Esther George NUFOS - Nat'/ UFO
Atlantic City, NJ Society'

UFO group.. are they Kooks??
Do they realize this is
unrelated phenomenon



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