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"The Vox are coming, we need to leave the dock!"
Gunship driver evacuating citizens[src]

Emporia Arcade is the fourth map in Clash in the Clouds DLC in BioShock Infinite. Like all maps, it contains 15 Blue Ribbon Challenges and 15 waves of enemies, including Handymen, Motorized Patriots, Sirens, Firemen and Zealots.

It is situated at Emporia Arcade, a plaza with a hotel and a Cunningham Studios outlet. Much of the district, like the rest of Emporia, has been looted and vandalized by the Vox Populi. A single Sky-Line loops around the plaza's central building. Office doors can be used for special respawn tactics.

Emporia Arcade can be unlocked for 1000 Silver Eagles.

Clearing all 15 waves yields the "Hand of the Prophet" Achievement/Trophy.


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