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Electromagnetic Lock Render
The mag-lock door's still active. It's regulated by the resistors plugged into that relay. If you can find a way to yank 'em out… magnets fail, doors open.
Charles Milton Porter[src]
Warning. Magnetic Locking Relay Overload.
― Error Message[src]

Electromagnetic Locks are specialized locks found exclusively in the BioShock 2 Downloadable Content Minerva's Den. They are mainly found on rooms containing special items, and, unlike normal code locks, they cannot be hacked. They can only be disabled by the force of the Gravity Well Plasmid, which pulls the resistors out of the relay, causing the power to turn off and the lock to fall off.


Minerva's DenEdit


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Some doors are locked magnetically. Nearby resistor relays regulate the flow of power to the electromagnets. Dislodging the resistors using Gravity Well will disable the mag-lock, opening the door.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Electromagnetic Locks can also be disabled with the blast from a Rocket Spear.[1]
  • The Electromagnetic Locks' and their resistors' in-game models were designed by Brandon Pham.[2]


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