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Eleonor Lamb Title Eat Dog
Speaker Eleanor Lamb
Level Ryan Amusements
Eat Dog
AD gNr021-lNr06 Eleanor Lamb - Eat Dog f0045

Sofia Lamb: In ethical psychiatry, we must account for -- [Sound of tape interrupt].

Eleanor Lamb: (Giggle) Eleanor Lamb speaking. Mum says I'm not to play with the other children, because they're "being raised on a diet of dog-eat-dog." I wanted to see these dog eaters ... so I waited until Mum was gone... and went out to find one... and guess what? The dog eaters wear human skins... it makes them look just like us!

Location: In the hallway leading to the El Dorado Lounge.

AD gNr021-lNr06 Eleanor Lamb - Eat Dog f0046

Behind The ScenesEdit

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