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Automated Stallions on display.

Premium Automated Stallions
― Easter & Sons[src]

Easter & Sons Premium Automated Stallions is a business that resides in Columbia.


Since 1904, the family-owned business specialized in creating and selling Premium Automated Stallions as substitutes for real horses used for pulling heavy wagons, and other forms of transportation. Its owner is Payton Lane Easter.

BioShock InfiniteEdit

Main article: BioShock Infinite

A small demonstration exhibit can be found in the Fairgrounds. An advertisement for the stallions reads:

Developed by Fink Industries for our troops, now available to all citizens of Columbia! Equis Mechanical - The Automatic Stallion! The Horse of the Future - Today! He'll ferry you with ease to and from your place of business - or on a romantic evening ride with the missus! He hauls carriages, vending items, furniture, and more! From the heaviest item to your most delicate possession! Equis Mechanical - He'll never tire, never throw, never hunger, never thirst, never break a leg, never befoul your stalls with filth. Equis Mechanical - Good enough for Columbia's finest - good enough for you!
― Fair advertisement[src]

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The business is named after Payton Lane Easter, the winner of Irrational Games' Get Your Name in the Game contest.[1]


  1. BioShock Infinite “Name in the Game” Winner Announced

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