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Appearance in BioShock
Dr. Grossman
PremiseUnethical Doctor
Voice ActorJ. G. Hertzler
Characters who use this model
BioShockJ.S. Steinman
Yi Suchong
BioShockMedical Pavilion
Point Prometheus
Proving Grounds
BioShock 2Adonis Luxury Resort
Fontaine Futuristics
Inner Persephone
CONCEPT SplicerArt2
Variations in BioShock 2

The Splicer model "Dr. Grossman" is one of the roving medical personnel in Rapture. He is overly eager to provide the player with surgery and his dialogue suggests he was very careless as a doctor, and became one solely for the sake of cutting into people. In addition to his poor bedside manner, he is also a paranoid germophobe.

Dr. Grossman also appears in BioShock 2. He seems more aware of his current situation, but this is only in brief flashes of realization. He proceeds to return to his old, sadistic, and germophobic state soon after.

BioShock Quotes Edit

The following are phrases that the Dr. Grossman Splicers will say in BioShock. The name of the source audio file is listed, when known.

Attacking Another SplicerEdit


  • "No handouts!"
  • "You're infecting this whole place!"
  • "No, it ENDS WITH YOU!"

Attacking in GeneralEdit


  • "Look at you! Filthy!"
  • "I'm opening you up!"
  • "Toxic! Septic! UNSANITARY!"
  • "Scalpel. Scalpel!"
  • "You keep away from my patients!"
  • "You're infecting everything!"
  • "You're crawling with disease!"
  • "You question my judgement?!"
  • "I'm the goddamn doctor!"
  • "Diseased! You're diseased!"
  • "You're crawling! You're sick!"
  • "You die here and now, parasite!"
  • "This is our place. Ours!"

Attacking a MachineEdit


  • "Worthless, idiotic security system!"
  • "Inferior quality!"
  • "Don't interfere!"
  • "Fucking machine!"

Attacking a Big DaddyEdit


  • "Not this one! NOT THIS ONE!"
  • "Filthy child! Filthy!
  • "What's inside, fatty?!"



  • "Wha-?"
  • "Halt!"
  • "A noise?!"
  • "Come here."
  • "I don't like the sound of that!"
  • "Who is that?! Nurse?"
  • "Shh!"
  • "I'm a doctor."
  • "Is somebody there?"

At a Locked Door Edit


  • "Open up!"
  • (grunts) "Now!"
  • "Answer the door!"
  • "Amateurs."
  • "Somebody answer!"

Combat EndingEdit


  • "Well, he won't get any better that way."
  • "Fine! I'll just let 'im bleed."
  • "I'm- I'm covered in his filth! DISGUSTING!"
  • "Hide with the rest of the disgusting vermin!"
  • "Nurse, clean this place up. Let's call it a day. I'm disgusted."

Curiosity EndingEdit


  • "I've got patients to see, no time for distractions!"
  • "He's gone, I guess... but I can still smell his disease..."
  • "I guess I'll see him when... flu season comes around, yeah, I'll give him a shot."
  • "I guess it was just the wind, or- or was it a dream?"
  • "I've got to go. I've got to wash my hands. They're filthy! Filthy!"
  • "Mrs. Siegler, turns out there was nothing there! Who would have thought!"

Fleeing to a Health StationEdit


  • "Not now!"
  • (coughs) "Wait, wait!"
  • "Just (coughs) one more!"
  • "Must have taken the B-grade Plasmid... (wheezes) wait!"

Using a Health StationEdit


  • (Long sigh) "Much better..."
  • "Impressive."
  • "Better than ever."
  • "Of course." (long sigh)
  • "That's good genes for you!"

Frozen (Stuttering) Edit


  • "Core... temperature... dropping."
  • "105 over- over 42, falling!"



  • "Microbes crawling all over you!"

Ground (Examining a Corpse) Edit


  • "Amazing... He's dead... And, yet, no girls."
  • "The subject... appears to have been ripped apart from the inside... probably a failed teleport."
  • "Well, well, well. This is quite incredible."
  • "Looks... familiar."
  • "Oh, god damn it! Someone get the nurse!"
  • "Well, this could be a little more hygienic."

Idle Edit


  • "I- I try to help, but- sometimes I- I make mistakes... I try to help! But sometimes I- I make mistakes."
  • "Oh, I like it here. None of that regulation stuff. Always slows things down."
  • "A doctor has to touch so many filthy things. It's... disgusting!"
  • "They're always sneezing, I can see death floating in the air."
  • "Can't somebody clean this place up? Scrub it down! It's crawling, crawling!"
  • "I hate the babies, the most. They come out covered in death."
  • "I push when I should pull. A- a man's entitled to a few mistakes."
  • "The patients ask so many questions. Sometimes, I like to make up the answers."
  • "The men all complain about their virility. Well, I can make them soft and sometimes I do."
  • "The little ones are filthy, I wish they would die! I don't like them when they're filthy!"
  • "Sometimes I forget which pills are which, I go by color."
  • "When is a fever not a fever...? When I say it isn't!"
  • "Bacteria are microscopic... Heh, that's what they want you to think."
  • "I like the prestige, but I don't like the germs. The germs, they-they get under your nails, they crawl around at night."
  • "The nurses don't like me... they're judgmental."
  • "There's semen on everything! 'EVERYTHING!"

Searching for Target Edit


  • "Nurse! Help me find this patient. Nurse?"
  • "You better come out! I just want to bind your wounds."
  • "It's unsanitary in here, filthy! Come, let me take care of you."
  • "Don't worry... I'm a professional."
  • "I won't hurt you. I just want to see what's inside."
  • "Are you there? The nurse doesn't like you, but I do!"
  • "I swore an oath to do no harm, and I... mostly meant it."

Lost the TargetEdit


  • "Goddamn security around here! We need more hacks!"
  • "He'll pass out soon."
  • "This is a waste of time! You know they'll be back and begging for more!"
  • "I'm smarter than you! It's only a matter of time before I find you!"
  • "Haven't slept in weeks."


  • "How can I help you if you won't come to me?"
  • "I promised to do no harm!"
  • "Why are you dragging out your treatment?"
  • "I don't want to hurt you, but sometimes I have to."
  • "Nurse! Help me find this patient, nurse."

Sees Target DieEdit


  • "Goddamnit, I needed them to be alive for just a while longer."
  • "Nurse, arrange for this one to be taken to the morgue."
  • "Time of death, hmm, sevenish."
  • "Time of death, hmmm, fourish."
  • "Cause of death... hm. Indeterminate."

Sees Target FleeEdit


  • "Quick! Someone shut the door!"
  • "They're running! Someone get them!"
  • "Ha! Ok! fine! You'll be back!
  • "Typical behavior for someone with your condition!"
  • "It's a standard procedure!"



  • "I am trying to think here!"
  • "Cut 'im!"
  • "Bleed! (laughs) Bleed!"
  • "Tear out the stitches!"
  • "Toxic!"
  • "Diseased!"
  • "I'll rip you open!"
  • "The artery!"

Using Vending Machines Edit


  • "Come on!"
  • "It's unacceptable."
  • "Open!"
  • "Aw, fucking machine!"
  • "God damn it! I shouldn't have to pay for these."
  • "Hmm... heart rate is rising... augh, god damn it!"
  • "The days are getting shorter- no no, that's not right!"

In Arcadia Edit


  • "This one! He brought the poison!"
  • "Crush the parasite!"
  • "Cut out the poison!"
  • "You defile this place!"
  • "The poison! Kill the poison!"
  • "Now!"
  • "This was our home!"
  • "Saturnine! Run, run!"
  • "You're dirty. Filthy!"
  • "Oh friend, you've tangled with the wrong people."
  • "Toxic, toxic! Unclean!"
  • "You trifle with the Saturnine?!"

BioShock 2 QuotesEdit

The following are phrases that the Dr. Grosman Splicers will say in BioShock 2. The name of the source audio file is listed, when known.

Attacked by Bees Edit


  • "Nurse, nurse! Get these blasted things off of me! Augh! Terrible insects-ow!"

Berserk Edit


  • "I'M A DOCTOR!"
  • "I'LL END YOU!"
  • "YOU!"

Bleeding Edit


  • "Augh, must stanch this blood flow somehow."
  • "Hemorrhaging everywhere, dreadful!"
  • "Blood all over! Ah shit, it's mine!"

On FireEdit


  • "I'm burning!" (x3)

On Fire (Running to Water) Edit


  • "Help! Help!"
  • "Put it out!"
  • "Douse me! Augh!"

Attacking Another Splicer Edit


  • "This office is closed!"
  • "Out of my office, now!"
  • "I'm not accepting new patients!"
  • "My services, for free? (laughs) Get out!"
  • "Nurse, show this patient to the door."
  • "You're a stubborn one..."
  • "You are untreatable!"
  • "You're trailing your filth over everything!"
  • "The nerve...! I'm the doctor here!"
  • "You're trying my patience!"
  • "I don't treat terminal cases!"
  • "There'll be no treatment for you! (Laughs)"
  • "Get your contagion out of my office!"

Attacking a Big Sister Edit


  • "Nurse! Back to work!"
  • "Nurse? How dare you defy me!?"
  • "You. Will. Listen to me, nurse!"
  • "Nurse! Control yourself."
  • "Insubordination! I'm the doctor here!"
  • "I no longer require your services... nurse."

Attacking in General Edit


  • "You've pushed me too far!"
  • "Filthy! Disease ridden."
  • "Don't dare get your disease on me!"
  • "No treatment for you!"
  • "Euthanasia... doctor's orders!"
  • "You're already dead... inside."

Attacking a Little Sister Edit


  • "Who bred you, little girl?"
  • "Dirty child!"
  • "Listen to your doctor!"
  • "Do as I say!"
  • "Hold still... and it won't hurt."
  • "Behave yourself."

Attacking a Machine Edit


  • "Subpar!"
  • "Worthless idiotic security system!"
  • "Inferior quality!"
  • "Don't interfere!"
  • "You fucking machine!"

Attacking the Player Edit


  • "Think you know better than the doctor?"
  • "Come back to complain, eh?"
  • "You! Back to the morgue!"
  • "Stay dead this time!"
  • "I killed (coughs) lost you! Once already."
  • "The morgue couldn't hold you, eh?"
  • "Leave! Me! alone!"
  • "Once, twice- whatever it takes."
  • "Nurse? Wheel this one back downstairs!"
  • "Impossible! You were dead!"
  • "I bled out your disease once already!"
  • "You blasted corpse!"
  • "Back on the slab!"
  • "Self-lover! Gene-slave!"
  • "Trying to infect the Family, ey?!"
  • "For Doc Lamb! For the Family!"
  • "Educate the self!"
  • "ADAM grabbing self-lover!"
  • "Common good's not enough for you, eh?"
  • "Sacrifice! We all must sacrifice!"

Attacking the Player with a Little Sister Edit


  • "She's contagious, give her here."
  • "She needs a doctor's care."
  • "She's under my care! Mine!"
  • "You can't have her! I need what's inside!"
  • "Real guardian, hah! I'm a doctor!"

Attacking a Big Daddy Edit


  • "You! You're not supposed to be wandering the halls!"
  • "Sleep walking through the halls? Lie down!"
  • "Nurse! Help me restrain this lummox!"
  • "A straightjacket! That's what you need!"

Cover Invalidated Edit


  • (Coughs) "Keep your distance!"
  • "Keep your germs away from me!"
  • "Augh! Don't touch me!"

Curious Edit


  • "What?"
  • "Halt!"
  • "A noise?"
  • "Come here!"
  • "I don't like the sound of that..."
  • "Who is that...? Nurse?"
  • "Shhh!"
  • "I'm a doctor..."
  • "Is somebody there?"
  • "What's that?"
  • "Hey!"
  • "What was that?"

At a Locked Door Edit


  • "Open up!"
  • "Answer the door!"
  • "Amateurs!"
  • "Somebody answer!"

Combat Ending Edit


  • "You won't get any better that way!"
  • "Fine! I'll just let him bleed!"
  • "I'm covered in his filth! Disgusting!"
  • "Hide! With the rest of the disgusting vermin!"
  • "Nurse, clean this place up and let's call it a day, I'm disgusted."

Curiosity Ending Edit


  • "I've got patients to see, no time for distractions!"
  • "He's gone I guess, but I can still smell his disease."
  • "I guess I'll see him when flu season comes around. I'll give him a shot."
  • "I guess it was just the wind... or was it a dream?"
  • "I've gotta go, I've got to wash my hands, they're... filthy. FILTHY!"
  • "Mrs. Siegler, turns out there was nothing there. Who would've thought?"

Fleeing to a Health Station Edit


  • "Not now!"
  • (Coughs) "Wait!"
  • "Just (coughs) one more!"
  • "Must have taken the B-grade Plasmid...(coughs)"

Using a Health Station Edit


  • "Much better!"
  • "Impressive!"
  • "Better than ever!"
  • "Of course!"
  • "That's good genes for you!"

Frozen (Stuttering) Edit


  • "Core temperature d-d-d-dropping!"
  • "Forty-five... f-f-f-forty-two... f-f-falling..."

Frustrated Edit


  • "This is absurd!"
  • "Unbelievable!"
  • "Impudent shit!"

Ground (Examining a Corpse) Edit


  • "Amazing! He's dead... and yet, no girls..."
  • "The subject appears to have been ripped apart from the inside! Probably a failed teleport..."
  • "Well, well, well... this is quite incredible!"
  • "Looks familiar..."
  • "Oh goddamn it! Someone get the nurse!"
  • "Well this could be a little more hygienic."
  • "Wake up! Wake up! I can't have a patient die!"

Hypnotize Starting Edit


  • "Hm? What's that? A new head doctor?"
  • "A new rotation?! Well... alright..."
  • "Transferred?! To emergency care?! Oh fine, whatever..."
  • "I'm the doctor here! But, well, you do pay the bills..."
  • "I'm needed? In emergency care?! Oh all right..."
  • "Yes, yes! Lead me to the patient then..."
  • "A new patient? Huh, let's see his chart..."
  • "Just... let me gather my implements."
  • "Yeah! Like Lamb says, we work together."

Hypnotized Idle Edit


  • "How many have I lost this week? I-I wonder... (mumbles)"
  • "The Hippocratic... oath? Oh yes, I believe I know of it."
  • "Nurse? Nurse?! Where's that damn woman gone off to..."
  • "Most patients... I stick them with whatever's handy."
  • "Honestly, not everyone deserves treatment."
  • "TB, influenza, typhoid! All wonderful cleansing agents!"
  • "Does any patient deserve to suffer? Well, maybe a few..."
  • "I can make their suffering shorter, or longer. It's up to me."
  • "Man came to me once with eczema... left the office an invalid!" (Laughs)
  • "The stories I can tell you... Oh, all quite sad."
  • "Between us, some of the Family's, hah, not so hygienic."

Hypnotize Ending Edit


  • "W-w-what? An impostor?!"
  • "You! You're no doctor!"
  • "It was you! All along! Out of my office!"
  • "The drugs? They've worn off, you quack!"
  • "Not another phony! I knew it!"
  • "Suddenly the fog lifts... it's YOU!"
  • "Out, fake! My mind's all Lamb's!"

Idle Edit


  • "I gave up on helping people long ago, but I still ease their suffering.
  • "These people roll in filth all day long, and somehow I'm supposed to make them better?
  • "I root around inside them for a little while. No point to it, usually.
  • "Yes, yes, I help them sleep, and sometimes they wake up again. (chuckles)
  • "‘Oh my mommy, my mommy, where's she gone?' Bah! You'll be with her soon enough, brat!"
  • "Why bother to wash the instruments at all? They'll just be covered in filth again before you know it!"
  • "I feel worse for the germs than the patients. Honestly! Innocent creatures, they don't know any better."
  • "The coughing and the oozing- toxic bodies! It's the carriers that are the real disease."
  • "Might as well call me an undertaker these days... But, it suits me just fine."
  • "The nurse? Pff. Awful woman. I've been slipping something in her drinks little by little..."
  • "I come away from that damn clinic smelling like death. Everywhere! It smells like death!"
  • "Not many children to treat these days. I miss the look on the parents' faces when they... find out."
  • "'Your daughter? Yes... I'm afraid she didn't pull through. If only you'd brought her in sooner...'" (laughs)
  • "Doctor, butcher, taxidermist, undertaker: all the same. Welcome to Rapture!" (laughs)
  • "Wait, my scrubs! All a tatter?! Wha-what's happened here?"
  • "The thing about genes, they're just germs, and we're all crawling with them, all of us."
  • "Eternity will be so clean. So clean! So very, very clean!"

Menacing an Adopted Little Sister Edit


  • "Yes, yes, a lolly after the procedure... you wretched urchin."
  • "Nurse! Help me restrain this patient."
  • "I can see the disease seeping out of her."
  • "Augh! The stench of this little one! But... I need her for my work."
  • "Outside you're all sickness, but inside..."

Mimic (After Playing Dead)Edit


  • "Surprise!"
  • "Aha!"
  • "Outsmarted!"

Lost the Target Edit


  • "How can I help you if you won't come to me?
  • "I've promised to do no harm.
  • "Why are you dragging out your treatment?
  • "I don't want to hurt you, but sometimes... I have to.
  • "Nurse! Help me find this patient! Nurse!
  • "Dr. Lamb is looking for you...
  • "Gotta flush you out, for the common good!
  • (Singing)" Rusty tumors hiding, hiding from the Lamb..."

Panicked Edit


  • "No no, no!"
  • "Oh, this doesn't look good!"
  • "Nurse! Assistance please!"

Picked Up with Telekinesis Edit


  • "What? What in the world?!"
  • "Drop me! I've work to do!"
  • "You can't do this to a doctor!"
  • "This isn't right!"
  • "Drop me now! I'm the doctor!"
  • "Undignified! Shit!"

Searching for Target Edit


  • "Nurse! Help me find this patient, nurse!"
  • "You better come out! I just... want to bind your wounds..."
  • "It's unsanitary in here, filthy! Come, let me take care of you."
  • "Don't worry, I'm a professional..."
  • "I won't hurt you, I just want to see what's inside."
  • "Are you there? The nurse doesn't like you, but I do!"
  • "I've sworn an oath to do no harm, and I mostly mean it."

Seeking Cover Edit


  • "Must find sanctuary!"
  • "This patient has gone berserk!"
  • "I'll drive out your sickness!"
  • "Must hide!"
  • "You're being foolish!"

Sees Target Die Edit


  • "See? Incurable! Just like I said!"
  • "Live or dead, what's the difference?"
  • "So I might have ‘delayed the end a bit longer,' oh well..." (sarcastic)
  • "Wrap this one up, nurse."
  • "What's that for tonight, seven cadavers? Hm..." (laughs)
  • "I lose so many I don't bother counting anymore." (laughs)
  • "Die knowing the Family'll live!"
  • "You did The Family a service, dying..."

Sees Target Fleeing Edit


  • "Quick, someone! Shut the door!"
  • "They're running! Someone get them!"
  • "Hah! Ok fine, you'll be back!"
  • "Typical behavior for someone with your condition."
  • "It's a standard procedure."
  • "I haven't closed you up yet!"
  • "You're bleeding all over everything!"
  • "Go ahead! Doc Lamb wants you to run!"
  • (Laughs) "Wherever you go, The Family's there!"

Taunting Edit


  • "Cut him!"
  • "Bleed, ah ha bleeed!"
  • "Tear out the stitches!"
  • "Toxic!"
  • "You're septic!"
  • "Diseased!"
  • "I'll rip you open!"
  • "The artery!"
  • "I'm trying to think here!"

Throwing a Grenade Edit


  • "Down the hatch!" (laughs)
  • "Here's your treatment!"
  • "And call me in the morning!" (laughs)
  • "'Have a dose of the family!"
  • "Here! Proscribed by Doc Lamb!"

Using a Vending Machine Edit


  • "Come on!"
  • "Unacceptable!"
  • "Open!"
  • "Ah, you fucking machine!"
  • "God damn it, I shouldn't have to pay for these!"
  • "Augh, heart rate is rising! God damn it!"
  • "The days are getting shorter! No no, that's not right!"

Appearance Edit

Quack Pack

The different character models for Dr. Grossman


Dr. Grossman wears the uniform of a medical professional, botanist, scientist, or laboratory technician. It consists of a Howie-style lab coat with three intact buttons, pair of black boots, rubber gloves, and surgical mask. Compare to other Splicers, Dr. Grossman looks the least damaged, but Splicing and the Civil War have still caused physical and mental distress. His clothes are soiled by varying amounts of blood and other materials and the top buttons on his coat are missing causing it to sag. He is blind in his left eye which is usually bloodshot. Most models have brown eyes and hair. He is bald on the top of his head except for a few hairs and has a large throbbing vein on the left side of his head. Dr. Grossman can wear medical reflectors or magnifying headgear as accessories, but only up til Arcadia.

Model 1: The primary model wears a white outfit. His buttons are white, his gloves are pale green, and his mask is a sky blue color. This model is covered head to toe in blood spray. His left eye is bloodshot.

Model 2: This model wears a beige outfit. His buttons are white, his gloves are a darker green, and his mask is a steel blue color. This model so resembles the first model, they almost look the same. However, it has a wider variety of blood smear across it and his upper torso and head are covered in lavender specks. His left eye is bloodshot.

Model 3: This model wears a green outfit. His buttons are white, his gloves are yellow, and his mask is a light blue color. This model has the most soiled outfit and appears to be bleeding from the nose and eyes.

Model 4: This model wears an azure blue outfit. His buttons are off white, his gloves are orange, and his mask is a pale blue. The front of his coat is a beige color that is meant to look like a separate smock. His face and mask is covered in lavender specks. He seems to be suffering from vitiligo and he has white hair. His right eye is olive colored, his left is jaundiced.

Model 5: This model wears the uniform of the Saturnine cult. Located only in Arcadia, his face, red coat and mask are streaked with white paint and his gloves are a pale hunter green color.

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BioShock Splicer Dialogue - Dr03:57

BioShock Splicer Dialogue - Dr. Grossman

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