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Dusky Donovan 2 Title Double Standard
Speaker Dusky Donovan
Level Siren Alley
Double Standard
AD gNr063-lNr08 Dusky Donovan - Double Standard f0130
Transcript: Sure, I've had some Johns in my time and they've all got their kinks, but I think Rupert beats all. Keeps wanting me to splice up "in the act"... says it'll heighten it for both of us. I said honey, I ain't doing it for the heights, I'm doing it for the scratch. Besides, Danny would have a fit if I started needling. He does it himself, of course. But what's good for the gander gets the goose thrown off the Drop!

Location: Beside a phonograph in a bedroom on the second floor of the Pink Pearl.

AD gNr063-lNr08 Dusky Donovan - Double Standard f0131

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