Mike Novak Title Doctor Lamb
Speaker Mike Novak
Level Ryan Amusements
Doctor Lamb
AD gNr029-lNr14 Mike Novak - Doctor Lamb f0061
Transcript: Third session today, with this amazing limey shrink. Doctor Sofia Lamb. She said that all Ryan's horseshit about always looking out for number one is turning us little guys against each other. And what we need is unity. Solidarity! Then she held up a mirror. Turns out, I wear my hair and mustache just like Ryan. So today, I'm spreading the word about Lamb. And tonight, I'm shaving my whole stupid head!

Location: Near the Security Camera in Journey to the Surface, in a small room blocked by breakable wooden boards.

AD gNr029-lNr14 Mike Novak - Doctor Lamb f0062 AD gNr029-lNr14 Mike Novak - Doctor Lamb f0063

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