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Dr. Hollcroft's Cure All Icon (Bio 2)
Do you suffer, my friends, from the 'Plasmid Blues'? Dizzy? Nauseous? Seeing things that aren't even there? Step right up and try Doc Hollcroft's Cure-All Elixir!
― excerpt; handbill[src]

Doc Hollcroft's Cure-All is a consumable medication that can be found on corpses, inside containers and vending machines, and other places throughout Rapture. The Cure-All will restore a small amount of both Health and EVE, and Extra Nutrition will increase the amount each bottle gives.

The actual medicinal value of the Cure-All is purely a placebo effect; it's nothing more than a "snake-oil", made up of cheap odds and ends that James Hollcroft managed to throw together for pennies on the dollar. There is, however, a minute dose of ADAM and EVE in each batch, if his list of "ingredients" is to be believed.

Ingredients of "Doc. Hollcroft's Cure-All"Edit

Doc Hollcroft's Cure-All Label
1.10 GallonsDesalinized sea water$1.85
2.50 PoundsRemnants from Fontaine's Fisheries$10.50
3.A grossSinclair's Wholesale Hypos$20 and change
4.2 OuncesPure ADAM$45

Help CaptionEdit

Take a swig of Doc Hollcroft's wonderous Cure-All to refill some Health and EVE. Like all food and drink, it is consumed immediately when picked up.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Doc Hollcroft's Cure-All bottle was designed by Lucas Aceituno.[1]


  1. Lucas Aceituno's Portfolio

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