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Eleanor Lamp Portrait Title Destructive Learning
Speaker Eleanor Lamb
Level Inner Persephone
Destructive Learning
AD gNr121-lNr09 Eleanor Lamb - Destructive Learning f0256
Transcript: Hello, mother. As you've always said, I shouldn't be allowed to wander the city in my condition, but without going outside, it's harder to hear much about the world -- so I'm learning at home! This, I think, is a ... porcelain tea service, in the style of Louis the 15th, isn't that right? (sound of a crash) Now that's a fascinating sound! (blaring noise) And this is called a "stained glass window," hand-crafted by your adoring flock ... they've gone to a lot of trouble to capture your likeness, haven't they? (sound of shattering glass)

Location: In a small room West of the Pediatric Ward in the Therapy Wing.

AD gNr121-lNr09 Eleanor Lamb - Destructive Learning f0257

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This audio diary was meant to appear in the Outer Persephone level, according to the localization texts and its association to the audio file EDN_L_BSis_BreakStuff_01.

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