Devin LeMaster Title Dating Tip
Speaker Devin LeMaster
Level Ryan Amusements
Dating Tip
AD gNr031-lNr16 Devin LeMaster - Dating Tip f0066
Transcript: I've got a little dating tip for ya, Jimbo, it'll get you out of that lonely hearts club for good. This scheme works 100 percent of the time, guaranteed. First, find some Betty and take her to Ryan Amusements. Then, ya go to the gift shop, buy her a Teddy Bear -- this is key, I ain't kiddin' around. Then... ya buy her a ticket on "Journey to the Surface." As soon as you hit that first scare: Bingo! Tunnel. Of. Love.

Location: In the locked "Employees Only" room, at the beginning of Journey to the Surface.

AD gNr031-lNr16 Devin LeMaster - Dating Tip f0067

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