Suchong wants to study her corpse… so try not to blow her into too many pieces.
― Cyrus Gale[src]

Cyrus Gale was a citizen of Rapture and was part of Ryan Security. On New Year's Eve of 1958 he, along many of his colleagues, was sent to Fontaine's to eliminate the remaining prisoners under Operation Deep Dive. He gave the orders from Andrew Ryan to lock down the Silver Fin Restaurant where Elizabeth was located and have her killed. He informed the men about the code for the lab and told them to try and recover Elizabeth's body as intact as possible, as Dr. Yi Suchong wanted to examine her.[1]

Cyrus Gale is one of the characters who were cut from the final version of Burial at Sea - Episode 2.

Audio DiaryEdit

Burial at Sea - Episode 2Edit


  1. Cyrus Gale's Removed Audio Diary: Operation Deep Dive

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