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BaSE1-AudioDiaryIcon7 Title Critics
Speaker Sander Cohen
Level Fontaine's Department Store
Date December the 23rd, 1958
Transcript: Of my first play, the Herald said: "A dead whale has washed up at the Shubert Theater, and stinks a little more with each passing night." The Tribune called my first opera as "having the effect of canceling out all of Mozart's classics in a single caterwaul." And now, critics take me to task for my humanitarian work. If I were not there to find a home for these orphans, would these bellyachers take my place? An artist once said, "All critics should be assassinated." I just might take him up on that.

Location: In the right dressing room at the Haberdashery, in the Menswear department.

VP gNr088-lNr04 Sander Cohen - Critics f0679 VP gNr088-lNr04 Sander Cohen - Critics f0680

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