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Creme-Filled Cake

A Thanks Mom!-brand Creme-Filled Cake.

Packaging cream filled-cake-concepts

Alternate package models for Creme-Filled Cake, when it was written as "Cream Filled Cakes."

"A creamy treat, as fresh as can be! Thanks, mom!"
―Creme-Filled Cake advertisement[src]

Extremely delicious and relatively common, Thanks Mom!-brand Creme-Filled Cakes can be found in vending machines, corpses, or even trash cans. They heal a small amount of Health when consumed. When used with the Extra Nutrition Gene Tonic, it will restore much more health.

Help Caption Edit

This delicious creme-filled cake will give you a small amount of Health. Like all food and drink, it is consumed immediately when picked up.

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