Diary 23 Title Comrades of Necessity
Speaker Cornelius Slate
Level Hall of Heroes
Date July the 6th, 1912
Comrades of Necessity
Cornelius Slate - Comrades of Necessity
Transcript: They'll call us assassins when our work is done: Cornelius Slate, the swift left hook of the Vox Populi! Hm. We'll be trading Comstock's lie for a new one. So be it. The Fitzroy woman and I are comrades of necessity. I doubt all the men who reddened Caesar's toga would still be seen breaking bread together in peacetime. With Comstock gone, my men's past deeds will be sacred -- and they will claim the spoils due them. I need not live to see it.

Location: Inside the ticketing booth of the Hall of Heroes.

VP gNr032-lNr06 Cornelius Slate - Comrades of Necessity f0582 VP gNr032-lNr06 Cornelius Slate - Comrades of Necessity f0583

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