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Diary 17 Title Coming for Comstock
Speaker Preston E. Downs
Level Emporia
Date July the 7th, 1912
Coming for Comstock
Preston E. Downs - Coming for Comstock
Transcript: Mr. Comstock, when we next meet, it won't be to parley. See, I went out to that Hall a' Heroes to scalp your "False Shepherd" for you. Turns out, though -- DeWitt speaks Sioux. He helped me to swap words with this cripple child I've been, uh...looking after. Now after hearing how the kid has fared in your city -- I'm thinking, when we take your pelt, I'll let him hold the knife.

Location: After entering the Grand Central Depot, near some "Founders will bleed" graffiti.

VP gNr054-lNr01 Preston E. Downs - Coming for Comstock f0620

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