Kinetoscope Blank

"Columbia to Sterilize Dimwits and Defectives!"
Level: BioShock Infinite Removed Content

[distorted fisheye lens footage of Father Comstock speaking]
"We shall suffer not an idiot to breed," declares FATHER COMSTOCK.
[a figure scoops up sand to eat]
By sterilizing the feebleminded, Columbia is saved a
dimwitted future...
[a man has convulsions on the floor]
Will euthanasia come next?
Only THE GREAT PROPHET can know!

Location: Removed from the game.


BioShock Infinite Columbia to Sterilize Dimwits and Defectives!00:28

BioShock Infinite Columbia to Sterilize Dimwits and Defectives!

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This film can be found in the game files as Columbia_to_Sterilize.bik

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