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Columbia Emporia Post00

The Columbia Post Office building.

The Columbia Post Office is the primary headquarters of the Columbia postal service, which didn't make it into the final version of BioShock Infinite.


Located in the Emporia Towers district, the Post Office was founded in 1894 and functions as the hub of Columbia's postal system. The Post Office is a large, four-story building with neoclassical architecture topped off with a gilded dome. The topmost room is decorated with black and red checkerboard tiles, tall Greek-style arches, green curtains, and a grand chandelier. The plaza in front of the Post Office features a large statue of the personification of Columbia and a Columbia Transit station that connects directly to Comstock House.

E3 2011 Gameplay TrailerEdit


The Vox Populi have taken the Post Office.

During the E3 2011 Gameplay Trailer, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth pass through Emporia Towers to get to Comstock House. On their way, they reach the Columbia Post Office. They find that the Columbia mail carts have been ransacked, the postal workers have been executed, and the Vox Populi are staging a trial of a postman on the office steps while a film of the man's forced confession is projected onto the building.

The Vox Populi believe the mail system is being used to aid in spreading the lies of The Founders, and as such, they have annexed the Post Office. Booker prevents the postman from being executed, but, in doing so, is forced to fight off the Vox.

Shortly after the battle ends, Songbird appears and Booker is thrown into the domed room on top of the Post Office. The dome is torn open as The Songbird tries to finish Booker off. However, Elizabeth intercedes on his behalf. The Songbird busts open a wall and flies off with Elizabeth. Booker takes off after them, thus leaving the Post Office.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Songbird trailer scene would be implemented in the final game during the entrance into Comstock House.

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