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BioShock Infinite Columbia Freight Cargo Containers

Columbia Freight cargo containers on a Sky-Line.

Columbia Freight is a goods transportation service provided in Columbia, established in 1891.[1]

BioShock InfiniteEdit

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The floating islands that compose Columbia make travel around the flying city difficult. Like in so many other cases, the Sky-Lines were the most efficient way to transport cargo. Booker DeWitt encounters Columbia Freight containers constantly whilst riding the lines via Sky-Hook. They also usually contain several small crates. Many of these cargo containers can be seen around Finkton, carrying goods and cargo from Fink Manufacturing.


Concept Art, Pre-Launch Images and MerchendiseEdit

In-Game ImagesEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

BS Infinite Open Tear

Elizabeth, asking Booker if she should bring the cargo from the Tear.

  • As seen in the BioShock Infinite E3 2011 Gameplay Demo, it was initially possible to summon Columbia Freight cargo containers via Tears for use as cover. They could also serve as a blunt weapon, as they tend to move along the Sky-Line system, which would kill any unfortunate citizens in their way.[2]


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