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Despite Jeremiah Fink's monopoly with Fink Manufacturing, Columbia still featured a lot of businesses, mostly owned by Columbia's middle class.

Businesses operating in ColumbiaEdit

Businesses By LocationEdit

Town CenterEdit

Businesses operating at the Town Center
Businesses operating at Comstock Center Rooftops

Monument IslandEdit

Businesses operating at Monument Island
  • Cigar Shop
  • Harper's Family Drugstore
  • Wilson Bros. & Company

Soldier's FieldEdit

Businesses operating at Battleship Bay
Businesses operating at Soldier's Field


Main article: Finkton
Businesses operating at Finkton Docks
Businesses operating at Finkton Proper
Businesses operating at Shantytown
Businesses operating at the Factory
  • Fink Manufacturing


Businesses operating at Emporia
Businesses operating at Downtown Emporia
Businesses operating at Comstock House
  • Comstock House Re-Education Center

Businesses Mentioned in Various PlacesEdit

  • Algonquin Luxury Suites
  • First Lady
  • Fancyful Fashion
  • Fortune Faith Family
  • Martin & Jeffrey's
  • Robert & Son

Semi-Canon BusinessesEdit

Brand NamesEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit


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