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Cocktail Lounge 1

Cocktail Lounges are small establishments found within larger businesses in Rapture. They are specifically designated by the iconic neon sign seen at right.


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While journeying through Rapture, Jack passes three Cocktail Lounges.

Welcome to RaptureEdit

The first one is on the main floor of the Kashmir Restaurant. Tucked into a corner on the restaurant's northern wall, the Cocktail Lounge offered the upscale clientele of the restaurant fine wine, beer, and liqueur. Twin monitors over the bar transmitted various broadcasts for the patrons' entertainment such as sports games, evening programs, or announcements. When Jack investigates the area, he finds it's mostly picked clean. Party hats and a few bottles are all that's left.

Fort FrolicEdit

Frolic-Cocktail Lounge-02

The main Cocktail Lounge in Fort Frolic.

Located in Fort Frolic's Southern Mall, the Cocktail Lounge served as a small bar where night clubbers could unwind and have a drink in between the art, entertainment, and shopping at Fort Frolic. When Jack wanders in, Bobby Darin's Beyond the Sea is heard playing on the jukebox. In the corner by the window is a U-Invent and on the counter is Sullivan's audio diary Artist's Feud. A Security Camera keeps watch over the room. A security crate under the bar's counter contains four rolls of film, an EVE Hypo, and nineteen dollars.

Sir Prize First Floor

A Lounge tucked into the casino's corner.

The only other Cocktail Lounge is located at Sir Prize in Poseidon Plaza. This one is much smaller than the aforementioned bars. When the casino was operating under normal circumstances, the patrons would relax with a drink while trying their luck. When Jack arrives in 1960 the counter serves as nothing more than a barricade between a Spider Splicer controlling a Security Bot and two attacking Leadhead Splicers. Once the brawl is resolved, Jack can hack safe beneath the bar and gain access to two trap bolts, a round of Exploding Buck, and 14 Machine Gun Ammo rounds.

BioShock 2 MultiplayerEdit

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Two Cocktail Lounges can be found in the Fort Frolic level, one in Eve's Garden and one in Pharaoh's Fortune Casino. Fighting McDonagh's also features several bars, with an advertisement in the area.  

Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit

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A Cocktail Lounge can be found in the Sinclair Spirits liquor store on Market Street. There's another one inside The Satyr Lounge as advertised by the sign outside of the establishment.

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