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Climate Control Sign

Climate Control, frozen over.

He's cranked The Thinker's coolant system into overdrive. You're frozen out of the core. Head to Climate Control and manually reset the turbine to defrost this mess.
― Charles Milton Porter[src]

Climate Control is a section of Ventilation Control in Minerva's Den. It is the center of the temperature control for the computer core. Reed Wahl sends the cooling system into overdrive, freezing the way to The Thinker. Subject Sigma must, therefore, reset the controls to restore the temperature to normal and thaw out the path to the core.


Climate Control was a section of Rapture Central Computing set up to keep the computer system at a suitable temperature, and to prevent The Thinker from overheating. Its design allowed employees to easily access key machinery parts. Offices were set up in close proximity to the machinery for easy access to oversee maintenance.


Minerva's DenEdit

Overdrive Turbine Sign
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To prevent Sigma to from entering the core, Reed Wahl freezes him out by putting the cooling systems into overdrive. The section Sigma has to fight his way to the control room to reset the turbine system. The freezing air obscures vision and the noise drowns out anything else. It has permanently immobilized several scientists and created ice bombs that explode when shot. However, Wintry Houdini Splicers patrol the area, resistant to the cold.

After Sigma successfully thaws the frozen door, restoring access to the Core, an angered Reed Wahl sends a horde of Alpha Series after him.


Turbine Sign

This section of Climate Control is located directly on the main turbine. Two walkways have been placed above the axle and big glass panels allow anyone to catch a glimpse of the huge rotor blades used to cool the mainframe. A few control panels are placed around the walls and an office is located close to the entrance of Turbine Maintenance.

Turbine MaintenanceEdit

Turbine Maintenance Sign

Located directly below the turbine, Turbine Maintenance allowed employees easy access to the rotor blades. A Manual Reset panel is located here to reset the cooling system when The Thinker had been put into overdrive or when doing maintenance. A few offices placed here allowed maintenance workers to easily perform their job without having to move.

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