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Charlie's Debut
Died1960 (choice only)
Place of DeathWelcome Center, Rapture
(choice only)
Physical Description
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Combat TypeThuggish Splicer
Appears inBioShock

After Brenda's addiction to ADAM grew, she became involved with a man named Charlie, and together they survived the worst of the Rapture Civil War. They can be found by the kitchen in Kashmir Restaurant. When encountered, Charlie is seen knocking on the door to the kitchen, requesting that Brenda let him inside. However, Brenda refuses, and states that Charlie just wants to come in to steal her hard-earned ADAM. If the player kills Charlie, Brenda will open the door to investigate, and then attack Jack in rage for killing her partner. The player has the choice of either interacting with Charlie and Brenda via engaging in combat with them, or just walk away. However, the kitchen that Brenda had locked herself in has several useful resources to take.


At the Locked Kitchen DoorEdit

  • "You really did it this time, Brenda! I'm not some kinda sap!"
  • "You want this ugly or do you want this nice? I can do it either way. Open the damn door!"
  • "Last time! I warned ya."
  • "Brenda!"
  • "You open up!"

Attacking the PlayerEdit

  • "Give me my ADAM!"
  • "This is our hut, me and Brenda!"

Chasing the PlayerEdit

  • "Get him, Brenda!"
  • "Come on back here, scrub!"
  • "He's running, Brenda!"

Losing the PlayerEdit

  • "I'm too spliced up!"

Upon Killing the PlayerEdit

  • "Oh, I got the scal, Brenda. Ha!"

Bugs / GlitchesEdit

  • Icon mac Icon xbox360 Both Brenda and Charlie can follow Jack out into the Atrium and the restrooms. They cannot chase him into the Footlight Theatre because the stall doors will close when Jack steps into the mezzanine.

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