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Charles, with his Murder of Crows

Charles is a Columbian citizen who is known to assist Saltonstall. He appears to be an elderly man who passes his time by sitting on a park bench while he feeds crows.

Gameplay Demo Edit

In the gameplay demo, Saltonstall calls for Charles' assistance after he notices Booker DeWitt pick up a bolt-action sniper rifle. Charles unleashes a Murder of Crows on DeWitt, disorienting him long enough for Charles and Saltonstall to run to a nearby ledge. Booker then shoves Charles off the ledge, causing him to land on a freight container hanging from the Sky-Line below. As Saltonstall escapes onto the Sky-Line, Booker uses his telekinetic ability to grab the Murder of Crows Vigor from Charles' corpse.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Charles, along with Saltonstall, do not appear in the final/retail game.
  • The developers mentioned in The Art of BioShock Infinite that Charles, or at least his concept appearance, was meant to be the initial appearance for a Crow "Vigor Junkie". As that version he would have had additional bird droppings on his suit, and a Vox version would have donned a red hooded mask with tied Devil horns. The third concept, a Zealot of the Lady member, was the final version used in the game.
  • On September 10th, 2013, Irrational Games announced through Twitter the release of a new T-Shirt featuring Charles and his Murder of Crows.[1]

Gallery Edit


  1. Charles T-Shirt Announcement

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