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Yi Suchong Title Changing Employers
Speaker Yi Suchong
Level Point Prometheus
Changing Employers
Yi Suchong - Changing Employers
Transcript: Fontaine is dead. Hmmm. Bad for Fontaine. Good for Suchong. Play hard to get for a bit, then Mr. Ryan get hungry for me. Tenenbaum gone, Fontaine gone, Suchong only one who know all about Little Sisters. Like I said, this very good for Suchong.

Location: Main Hall 2nd Floor, across from Circus of Values and next to the Optimized Eugenics entrance: melt the ice, enter the closet and search the trash can.

AD gNr121-lNr08 Yi Suchong - Changing Employers f0522 AD gNr121-lNr08 Yi Suchong - Changing Employers f0523

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