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Schrödinger, the frozen cat.

I got me a handsome collection of felines, topside, of all shapes and sizes. Ain't no woman alive could part me from my pussy cats. And here's ol' Andy Ryan tryin' to tell me I can't bring my babies down here?
― Oscar Calraca[src]

Cats are small domesticated mammals. They were a logical animal to have in Rapture. Not just as pets, but for the inevitable task of vermin control. Several are encountered in the BioShock series, but all, except those in Paris, are dead.


Audio diaries made by Oscar Calraca indicate that cats were initailly illegal in Rapture and had to be smuggled in. It seems after the influx of felines, the law was relaxed. The number of cats in Rapture was sufficient enough that there were multiple businesses dedicated to the production of cat food.


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As Jack journeys through the underwater city, he comes across cats who've long since passed since losing their owners. They can be thrown at enemies using Telekinesis for damage. They can be found in every level.

Welcome to Rapture


Olympus Heights

Point Prometheus

Proving Grounds

  • In front of a closed off door on the second floor of the Central Atrium.

Challenge RoomsEdit

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At least one cat can be found in the BioShock  downloadable content Challenge Rooms. In The 'I' in Team mission, the bloodied corpse of a cat can be found in front of the Turrets in the Rapture Firing Range. It's easy to miss as the player is focused on dodging the machine gun rounds and heat-seeking rockets being fired on both sides.

BioShock 2Edit


A new form of cat cafés.

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The most well-known cat encountered in the BioShock series is Schrödinger. Found in the Imago Fine Arts gallery, this frozen feline is an amusing reference to the Schrödinger's Cat conundrum.

Atlantic Express

Fontaine Futuristics

  • In the storage room of the Plasmid Theater.
  • On a mattress inside the wall on the second floor, leading to the "Plasmid Laboratory".
  • On the sea floor, leading from the main building to the Secret ADAM Laboratories.

Inner Persephone

  • Frozen in the kitchen of the Holding wing.

Minerva's DenEdit

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Several cats can be found in the Minerva's Den downloadable content. These cats are named after famous computer programmers.

Burial at Sea - Episode 2Edit

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Elizabeth finds several cats alongside other animals when dreaming of frolicking through the streets of Paris in the episode's opening level. This is also the first time in the series cats have been seen alive.

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