Rock Flanagan Title Camera in Hock
Speaker Rock Flanagan
Level Pauper's Drop
Camera in Hock
AD gNr039-lNr05 Rock Flanagan - Camera in Hock f0082
Transcript: Another day, no clients. Atlas and Ryan start goin' at it hot and heavy, and all my business dries up. Used to be easy: put the eye on some spliced-up dame's wandering husband and rake in the dough. Now it's got so bad I hadda put my camera in hock at King Pawn. Makes a guy consider splicin' up himself... if I had two dimes to rub together, that is.

Location: On the desk in the office of R. Flanagan in The Hamilton.

AD gNr039-lNr05 Rock Flanagan - Camera in Hock f0083

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