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Buttons is a new type of Splicer model that appears in the Minerva's Den DLC for BioShock 2. He appears to be an technician who once worked on The Thinker with Charles Milton Porter. Judging from his dialogue, Buttons has an obsessive-compulsive disorder for overthinking logic and equations, and is willing to kill for a solution.


Andrew RyanHQ
"There is something more powerful than each of us, a combination
of our efforts, a Great Chain of industry that unites us."
Andrew Ryan

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  • "It's a delicate thing, a computer program. Delicate like a... a human life. So easy to break."
  • "I input the program just so... and in the output, I saw something no one should see."
  • "We're all sequences, within a sequence, within a sequence... within, within, w-within, within... oh God!"
  • "Get this thing hacked, quicklike!"
  • "The numbers are wrong, but they can't be wrong... the numbers are wrong, but they can't be wrong!"
  • "But... Mr. Porter... You have to believe me... I wasn't responsible. It's all part of the prime sequence!"
  • "The Thinker will remember me. The Thinker knows I'm... I'm part of its plan. I think so, anyway."
  • "My calculations are accurate! I checked them! I'm not a liar... The numbers are the liars!"
  • "It's all around us. All around us with its electric thoughts... I can hear just what it wants me to hear."
  • "Mr. Porter... You... You said you wanted it programmed this way. It can't be wrong... It's just what you asked for!"
  • "I will tear out your wires and your diodes and all of your... guts... I will make you right again... my precious... little one..."
  • "17468 vacuum tubes, each with its own function. Its own purpose. We all have a purpose."
  • "I push the buttons... I push, and push, and push, I push, and push, and they start to push back!"
  • "They don't understand, but the Thinker knows. It understands me! <sobs> It knows..."
  • "Can you see the shape of the universe from the inside? No! The prime sequence is incomprehensible! Well, not to me."

Throwing a GrenadeEdit

  • "Incoming!"
  • "Sorry! <laughs>"
  • "Here ya go!"
  • "All yours!"

Hears the PlayerEdit

  • "Did something... come loose?"
  • "Not another tube burning out."
  • "What?"
  • "Curious…"
  • "Is someone in the mainframe?"
  • "Strange input…"
  • "Hello? Is that you?"
  • "Hey…"
  • "Mr… Porter?"

Returning to IdleEdit

  • "This output seems fine after all."
  • "Hmm... miscalculation on my part."
  • "False positive, I guess."
  • "Just a hiccup in the system."
  • "Oh... never mind."

Attacking in GeneralEdit

  • "Impossible!"
  • "The Thinker can see right through you!"
  • "You might fool Porter, but you don't fool me!"
  • "Stop looking at me!"
  • "Thinker! I'm fixing this one!"
  • "Rearrange the... the sequence!"
  • "This is all in the Thinker's plan!"
  • "Break the... Break the circuit!"
  • "You're not worthy of the Thinker!"
  • "You fraud!"
  • "Die! Die, you! DIE!"
  • "Do the math, idiot!"
  • "Try and keep up!"
  • "Garbage data!"

Attacking Another SplicerEdit

  • "You need to be rewired!"
  • "Tear it out! Start over!"
  • "I'm opening you up!"
  • "The guts need to go!"
  • "Shut it down!"
  • "You're broken!"
  • "Run the numbers again!"
  • "The figures are all out of order!"
  • "Son of a bitch!"
  • "It won't add up!"
  • "Why won't you listen?"
  • "Nonsense!"
  • "You won't get away with this!"
  • "You're doing this on purpose!"

Attacking a Little SisterEdit

  • "Come here, you little cretin!"
  • "We're going downstairs, you and me!"
  • "I don't want to hear a peep!"

Attacking a Big SisterEdit

  • "Minerva... preserve me!"
  • "Oh! She's seen me!"
  • "I didn't do anything wrong!"
  • "You sick bitch!"
  • "What is that thing?"
  • "I never called for this!"
  • "You've got the wrong guy!"

Attacking a MachineEdit

  • "I made your numbers! Stupid machine!"
  • "You answer to ME!"
  • "Don't you see the irony here?"

Attacking the PlayerEdit

  • "Worthless data!"
  • "It's wrong... all wrong!"
  • "You're upsetting the Thinker!"
  • "It's simple math!"
  • "Hands off the equipment!"
  • "A bug! A bug! A BUUUG!"
  • "The Thinker made me do it!"
  • "The numbers... keep changing..."
  • "This is all perfectly logical..."
  • "Don't talk back to me! Stupid number!"
  • "Stop... fucking... MOVING!"
  • "Numbers don't move like that..."

Attacking a Big DaddyEdit

  • "You're OBSOLETE!"
  • "Useless hardware!"
  • "Get this junk out of the way!"
  • "You're impeding my work!"

Chasing the PlayerEdit

  • "Turn your back on me?"

Seeing Target FleeEdit

  • "Run! You're weak!"
  • "Give it up!"
  • "That's it?"
  • "Go cry about it!"
  • "Coward!"

Menacing a Little SisterEdit

  • "Give me what you got!"
  • "I'll pull the answers out of you!"
  • "Stop keeping it to yourself!"
  • "I'm extracting what I need!"
  • "Where are you hiding them? The punchcards, I say!"

Hypnotize StartingEdit

  • "What? A new routine?"
  • "Reconfigured, eh?"
  • "A new project? For Mr. Porter?"
  • "I'm... being reassigned?"
  • "Whatever Mr. Porter wants. Of... of course!"
  • "I feel all... rewired."

Hypnotize IdleEdit

  • "They don't understand. None of them understand. But the Thinker... The Thinker understands."
  • "Miss Klein says my work isn't... profitable. But... This is supposed to be science!"
  • "I hear the voice of the machine, and I respond. Numbers are its only language."
  • "I can hear the... magnetic waves! I can hear them... and I know what they want."
  • "You'll put in a good word with Mr. Porter for me, right?"
  • "They all want to be part of the prime sequence, but I define the sequence. That's what I tell them, anyway."
  • "The perfect... machine..."
  • "Logic... It's all logic... They aren't logical! They're the ones that need to be... be rewired."
  • "I'd tell you all about the prime sequence if you wanted to know... but you don't want to know."

Hypnotize EndingEdit

  • "Hacked? Me?"
  • "You're one of them!"
  • "Backstabber!"
  • "I'm on to you!"


  • "It hurts! It stings!"
  • "Make it stop! Make it STOP!"


  • "Ahhh! Put it out! Put it out! I'm on fire! HELP! HEEEELP!"

Burning (Jumping into Water)Edit

  • "Douse the fire!"
  • "Geronimoooo!"
  • "Water! Water!"
  • "Put it out!"

Fleeing to Health StationEdit

  • "Must... recalculate..."
  • "Ohh... it hurts..."
  • "Oh, God... the blood!"
  • "Doctor... I need a doctor!"
  • "The pain..."

Using a Health StationEdit

  • "Oh, yes. Optimal."
  • "Better... getting better..."

Examining a CorpseEdit

  • "Get up, you lazy ass!"
  • "It was your time. The Thinker told me."
  • "Think how disappointed Mr. Porter would be..."
  • "Deleted."
  • "Less competition for me."

Searching for TargetEdit

  • "Tricky problem, this one."
  • "Missing variable."
  • "The Thinker can still see you!"
  • "It knows where you are!"
  • "What the..."
  • "Don't make this difficult!"
  • "Think you're smart?"
  • "I know you're there! Come out!"
  • "Fess up!"
  • "You're in there... admit it!"
  • "You can't hide from me, little bug..."
  • "There's only so many places to hide in the core..."

Seeking CoverEdit

  • "Where? What?"
  • "Gotta weigh my options!"
  • "Over there!"
  • "Something solid..."

Exiting CombatEdit

  • "Get this junk away from my workstation."
  • "Enough of this foolishness!"
  • "The Thinker needs me for something else."
  • "Ugh... Now I have to start all over."
  • "What did that add up to? Nothing!"

Killed the TargetEdit

  • "One less bug in the system."
  • "You deserved it… you little schemer."
  • "The Thinker wanted it this way."
  • "Mr. Porter will be so proud of me!"
  • "You won't be able to screw up my calculations anymore."
  • "Simplifying the equation, one variable at a time."

Attacking Subject Sigma with a Little SisterEdit

  • "She's got the answers! I know it!"
  • "Trying to abscond with my data?"
  • "That's sensitive equipment!"
  • "No, no, NO! That's top secret!"
  • "We're still working on that!"


  • "Thinker... why..."


Though just as mad, Buttons bears fewer scars from splicing or the Rapture Civil War when compared to the average Splicer. His teeth are gnarled, there's a deep, diagonal cut which has been stitched closed in the middle of his forehead, he has deeply prominent veins around his brow and face, his right eye is bulging, and he appears to have a lesion above it. He wears the laboratory coat of a scientist, a dress shirt and tie under a sweater vest, a pair of herringbong-pattern pants, a set of Oxford-style shoes, and an identification tag. His clothes are tattered and dingy. In each of his coat pockets are about seven different pens, no doubt a sign of his obsessive-compulsiveness. His hair has a sharp widow's peak and is balding in the back of the scalp. He has a pencil-line mustache. Buttons can wear a pair of glasses as an accessory.

Model 1: This model's lab coat and shirt are white, his sweater vest is grey, his tie is green, his pants are darkly colored, and his shoes are black. His hair is brown.

Model 2: This model's lab coat is turquoise with several green stains and a large blood stain on the front. His shirt is white and his sweater vest and tie are blue. His hair is black and he appears to be of African extraction.

Model 3: This model's lab coat is a light yellow, his shirt is white, and his pants are black and grey. His hair is white.

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