Andrew Ryan BioShock 2 Title Bury Her Memory
Speaker Andrew Ryan
Level Siren Alley
Bury Her Memory
AD gNr066-lNr11 Andrew Ryan - Bury Her Memory f0137
Transcript: Sinclair, I don't care how you accomplish Lamb's removal from the public eye. Indeed, I'd rather cease contact with you altogether. But allow me to make this plain. I don't want to see Lamb on the streets again, peddling her Bolshevik fever dreams to my people. Bury her memory, Sinclair. Bury it, and salt the earth.

Location: On a desk beneath a poster of Jasmine Jolene in the apartment in the northwestern corner of Plaza Hedone.

AD gNr066-lNr11 Andrew Ryan - Bury Her Memory f0138

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