The looting icon.

BioShock Items
BioShock 2 Items
BioShock Infinite Items
Burial at Sea Items
For the items in BioShock Infinite, see BioShock Infinite Items.


BSI Weapons 12Tommy Gun IconBSI Weapons 5BSI Weapons 11Radar Range IconTranqGasNoisemaker icon

Plot ItemsEdit

Audio Diaries & VoxophonesEdit

For Audio Diaries from Burial at Sea - Episode 1, see Burial at Sea - Episode 1 Audio Diaries.
For Audio Diaries and Voxophones from Burial at Sea - Episode 2, see Burial at Sea - Episode 2 Audio Diaries.

Need to Know TheatersEdit

For Need to Know Theaters, see Need to Know Theater.


For Kinetoscopes, see Kinetoscope.


BASLootIcon1BASLootIcon2BASLootIcon3BASLootIcon4BASLootIcon5BASLootIcon6BASLootIcon7BASLootIcon8BASLootIcon11BASLootIcon12BASLootIcon13BASLootIcon14BASLootIcon15BASLootIcon17BASLootIcon19BASLootIcon21BASLootIcon22BASLootIcon23BASLootIcon24BASLootIcon26BASLootIcon27BASLootIcon28BASLootIcon40BASLootIcon41 BaS1 Thermos LootIconBaS1 Crackers Loot IconBaS1 Tea Ingame IconBaS1 Medicine Loot Icon

Single-Use ItemsEdit

BASLootIcon20BASLootIcon25BASLootIcon18BASLootIcon10BASLootIcon9BASLootIcon16 BASLootIcon Teddy BearBaS1 Bracelet Loot IconBaS1 Ring Loot Icon IngameBaS1 Watch Loot IconBaS1 Ladies Shoes Loot IconBaS1 Necklace LootIcon IngameAdollo

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