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BSIDLC-Burial at Sea Episode One KeyArt

Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

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BioShock Infinite's first story-driven downloadable content, Burial at Sea - Episode 1, introduces new citizens of the underwater utopia Rapture on the day of the 1958 New Year's Eve which will change its society forever. A few characters from the original BioShock also make a return while others are mentioned.

Main CharactersEdit

Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

Mentioned CharactersEdit

Shift Schedules in Fontaine's Department Store Edit

  • Aaron E. Jones
  • Albert N. Evans
  • Albert T. Perry
  • Alex G. Edwards
  • Anthony G. Coleman
  • Arthur S. Rodgers
  • Benjamin L Johns
  • Bruce J. Simmons
  • David A. Williams
  • Dennis K. Ross
  • Gerald R. Cooper
  • Harold P. Davis
  • Harrison T. Morgan
  • Henry O. James
  • Howard J. Russel
  • James S. Carter
  • James R. Wright
  • Jeffrey P. Adams
  • Jonathan C. Collins
  • Jonathan W. Cook
  • Joseph D. Jenkins
  • Joseph K. Stevens
  • Joseph K. Stewart
  • Julian S. Moore
  • Lawrence E. Davis
  • Louie M. Turner
  • Martin H. Gregory
  • Michael A. Griffin
  • Nicolas L. Taylor
  • Phillip T. Watson
  • Raymond D. Clark
  • Richard F. Smith
  • Robert E. Lawrence
  • Roger C. Patterson
  • Sean D. Murphy
  • Stephen R. Morris
  • Stephen P. Nelson
  • Theodore C. Butler
  • Thomas I. Alexander
  • William H. Pierce

Removed CharactersEdit


  1. The owner of The Gallery of the Artist's Struggle
  2. One of the Female Early Splicers, with the Hypochondriac persona, obsessively repeats this man's name to herself: "Ford Dundee. Ford Dundee. Ford Dundee. Ford Dundee! Good… Now he'll call…"
  3. Also scrawled in blood many times in the Dressing Rooms in Menswear. Screenshot of dressing room wall.
  4. The accident pron son of Edith Crenshaw, mentioned in Edith Crenshaw's Audio DiaryA Little Help
  5. The wife of Bert Unger, mentioned in Bert Unger's Audio Diary: Oven of the Future
  6. A doctor who prescribed a "mother's little helper" Plasmid to Edith Crenshaw, mentioned in Edith Crenshaw's Audio Diary: A Little Help

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