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The Bull Yard.

Make no mistake, soldiers -- the Vox and weapons go together like fire and gunpowder. One spark, and we'll have a blaze we cannot control.
― Founder Commander[src]

The Bull Yard is a small part of Shantytown. It is the location of the Bull House Impound. Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth head here on their quest for Chen Lin's tools.


Jeremiah Fink is allowed to rule Fink Manufacturing as a Police State, using the Columbia Authority to eliminate rabble rousers and to keep his workers from being successfully led against him. Rather than apply fairer practices for his workers, he set up the Bull House Impound in the center of his Factory Worker Housing district to see that regimented order was maintained and that any dissenters were dealt with immediately.

BioShock InfiniteEdit

Main article: BioShock Infinite

The Bull Yard is the area surrounding the facility. To the left is the shooting range where the police kept their skills honed on Vox Populi targets. To the right, atop a tall building, Booker finds a bear trap, evidence of an impromptu surgery, Preston E. Downs' hat, and his Voxophone Trapped. In the center is the Bull House which is guarded by twin mounted Barrage Automatons and a Gun Automaton by the entrance. These various areas are connected by two Sky-Lines weaving between them.

When Booker and Elizabeth reach the yard, they hear a small group of Founder soldiers being instructed by an officer to kill any Vox on sight. After Booker and Elizabeth dispatch these men, they take on a massive force consisting of soldiers, Beasts, a Motorized Patriot, and, of course, the Rocket Turrets. Only when all of the opponents are dealt with can the duo enter the Bull House.

Infinite Spoilers

After journeying through the Tear inside the Bull House and entering the third Columbia, Booker and Elizabeth return to the Bull Yard to find it is the scene of a massive firefight between the Vox Populi and some scattered Founders Beasts who attempted to retake the facility. The Vox are on Booker's side as he and Elizabeth fight their way back through Shantytown. After Elizabeth points out Booker's picture on a poster, he recalls memories of fighting alongside Cornelius Slate and burning down the Hall of Heroes. During the assault on the Hall, his life was lost, along with Slate's, earning the two martyrdom with the Vox. Booker suffers a nosebleed, but Elizabeth manages to revive him.


  • Use Possession on the Gun Automaton by the entrance, as it will attack the Barrage Automatons without being in danger of being struck by the blast from the Automatons.
    • Make sure that the Gun Automaton is not distracted by other enemies.


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