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AudioLog AndrewRyan Title Building the Impossible!
Speaker Andrew Ryan
Level Housewares
Date August the 21st, 1945
Building the Impossible!
Building The Impossible
Transcript: Of course, the buildings are being fabricated above the waves. But we will lower them on a lunette ring, submerged into the structure's steel frames. "So much steel!" you wonder. "How will we keep so large a purchase from the government?" Water is buoyant. We shall not frame Rapture in steel, but in aluminium. The government jackals may suspect me of building an air force -- but never a city…

Location: On a shelf inside the locked Control Room of the Service Bay.

VP gNr109-lNr11 Andrew Ryan - Building the Impossible! f0713 VP gNr109-lNr11 Andrew Ryan - Building the Impossible! f0714

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