The following is based on the BioShock: Rapture novel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Bud Chinowski is the owner of Chinowski's Maintenance, a New York maintenance and plumbing company, employing among others, Roy Phinn, Bill McDonagh and Pablo Navarro, before the latter two travelled to Rapture. In BioShock: Rapture, Chinowski sends McDonagh to do a plumbing job for Andrew Ryan, leading to their first meeting and subsequent friendship. When Ryan is impressed by McDonagh's pride in his work, he sends his Security Chief Sullivan to contact Chinowski and hire McDonagh, but Chinowski claims to have lost McDonagh's number, unwilling to give it over to Sullivan as a result of wanting McDonagh's position as Ryan's general contractor. Sullivan instead contacts the phone company, and reaches McDonagh this way, managing to hire him.[1]

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