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This is what they want, brothers… To keep you so HUNGRY you can't speak but to beg… To keep you so IGNORANT you can't think of solutions to all your problems… To keep you CHASIN' that ALMIGHTY SILVER EAGLE, so you can BUY EVERYTHING they're sellin' to keep you down, brothas… But Daisy Fitzroy says there's ANOTHER WAY... Another way comin' REAL SOON…
― Brother Love[src]
Brother Love preaching in Shantytown

Brother Love spreading the word of Daisy Fitzroy in front of a Shantytown citizen.

Brother Love is a Columbian citizen featured in BioShock Infinite. He is seen giving a speech to a small group of lower-class denizens in Shantytown concerning the would-be movement of the Vox Populi.

Several copies of Daisy Fitzroy's manifesto, The People's Voice are available in a crate next to his feet.

Infinite Spoilers

Towards the end of the game, his voice can be heard when the Vox Populi board the Hand of the Prophet on its way to Monument Island.[confirmation needed]

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Brother Love gestures with a copy of The Word of the Prophet with blue cover while The People's Voice is in a red cover. It is unclear whether this is a developer oversight or meant as a prop for the Founders.

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