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Jean-Paul Beauregard Title Breaking My Silence
Speaker Jean-Paul Beauregard
Level Ryan Amusements
Breaking My Silence
Beauregard Breaking my Silence
Transcript: By god, it was only three years ago that I was considered amongst THE preeminent pantomime artists in France. My countrymen held the artform in high esteem. But in Rapture? I have been reduced to a simple clown. Humiliating myself for these cackling little brats, ushering them, snot-nosed, into this wretched amusement park. I've stooped so low as to SPEAK while performing! On the surface I may not have been rich, but I had my dignity.

Location: Cult of Rapture Website.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This removed audio diary is also featured in the localization texts under the name "Respect for the Arts," and is associated to the file EDU_L_3Lg7_Log_.

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