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This page lists news items posted at the BioShock Wiki.

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Recent News

  • Solarmech

    Figures in the line so far are Elizabeth, A Little Sister, two versions of Booker DeWitt (One with a SkyHook the other with a pistol) and a large sized Bouncer Big Daddy. They are supposed to become available in September 2015.

    Full story with pictures of the figures | Here.--Solarmech (talk) 11:32, July 29, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Mainframe98

    As you may have seen, I have created a template that allows the featured article to be replaced every week or month. Currently, all articles are placed at BioShock Wiki:Featured Articles. It is quite a tedious task to decide which articles are suitable, since there are 52 articles needed. Shacob made an excellent suggestion, and I hope that there are more contributors with good ideas. If you want to add an article, please keep the following things in mind:

    • Stubs, audio diaries, voxophones, map pages, plasmids/tonics, gear and articles with a lot of tables are not very suitable.
    • One image is enough, preferably a logo, audio diary or voxophone picture.
    • A good quote at the top is preferable, it does not need to be the one from the article. If you have a better one, feel free to add it, just make sure that it is fitting.
    • Remove templates like tags, otherwise the template will not transclude the right information.
    • Remember that a featured article is an eyecatcher, you want to readers to click on …
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  • Unownshipper

    Recently, this site has had repeated, unwanted dealings with vandals. In order to prevent further headaches, certain protection locks have been set up to prevent more asinine behavior. While on the subject, I'd like to discuss the implementation of protection on other pages.

    A large number of articles on this site do not receive many (or any) edits after they've been created. For some, they've simply been expanded to the necessary length and detail, and no they longer require any updates or attention. Others simply don't have any additional information open to the general public to warrant further contributions. The Audio Diaries tend to fall under the former category, but the BioShock 2 Removed Content Audio Diaries in particular fall under both categories.

    These are basic, highly important articles and their content is unequivocal. Bottome line, their information and formatting is not going to change, at least not anytime soon. However, these articles remain open to anyone to edit. F…

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  • D.Ryan

    Do you guys remember when BioShock was announced for iOS devices? Well if you recall in the comments of that blog post, I said I would rather have had a remastered BioShock instead of an iOS port over? Well I just got the next best thing.

    The original BioShock, like all other games ran on the Xbox 360 and PS3 used the Unreal Engine #3 Well as you may or may not know that game engine is considered outdated. This is because a newer game engine was released; Unreal Engine #4, current generation consoles like the Xbox One, and the PS4 run on it. Well I recently found a video that displays the BioShock world on the Unreal Engine #4. 

    It is my belief that this is the closest thing I will ever see to a next-gen version of BioShock, I pray that 2k will someday remaster BioShock, and send it over to the next generation, possibly for BioShock's 10th anniversy in 2017.

    Without further Adieu, I present to you: BioShock running on Unreal Engine 4!  

    So what do you guys think? Would you pay for a remast…

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  • Unownshipper

    Caption Contest!

    November 25, 2014 by Unownshipper

    This time of year can really wear a person out. Maybe the recent polar plunge has you down or the fact that it's not yet the holidays so everyone still has to work. Whether that work is a final exam, Christmas shopping, or just your everyday job, we could all use some levity. Maybe this can help.

    While looking for pictures in Dionysus Park, I got into an altercation with some Splicers and this is the end result. One Breadwinner splayed out on the floor, a Lady Smith pinned to the wall by a Spear, the register and a shotgun nearby. I removed the spear, but she just stayed in that position (bloody, but hangin' in there) as if she were reaching out. Something about the mise-en-scène of this image tells a story. That's where you come in.

    This picture says a thousand words, you just need to come up with them. Is this a joke, a dramtic story, something else… Share your two cents. Write what you think Lady Smith, Breadwinner, or both are saying/thinking or just narrate a story. Show your crea…

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  • D.Ryan

    It would seem that 2K Games has announced that the original BioShock will be coming to all iOS devices sometime this summer. The press release 2k Games released has also teased something about controller support for the iOS versions.

    BioShock will bring the complete experience of the original “genetically enhanced” action-adventure, first-person shooter to iOS devices, while offering optimized touch controls and full Made for iPhone (MFi) game controller support.

    2K has also announced that the new BioShock game will only run on the following iOS devices: iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5S, the game will not run on any iOS devices previous to these models, meaning the game will not be available on the iPod 5 or any models previous to that. Nor the iPhone 4S or any models previous to that. The same goes with any model previous to the iPad Mini 2, and the iPad 4.

    All iOS owners will be able to get this new game later this summer, and they will pay a "premium p…

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  • Unownshipper

    "Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his own brow?"

    Heck if I know...let's go get a beer!

    Rapture is a place that probably doesn't observe saint's holidays, but it's citizens will take any excuse to knock back a brew. So, whether your drink of pleasure is a bottle of Old Tom Whiskey, Fine Gin, Chechnya Vodka, Arcadia Merlot, Old Harbinger Beer, Moonbeam Absinthe, Lacas Scotch, or even a Yuck Lager Beer, head on down to The Fighting McDonagh's Tavern and celebrate with your friends and neighbors.

    Remember, don't be seen unless you're wearin' green!

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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  • D.Ryan

    Ken Levine, the Creative Director for Irrational Games has announced that Irrational Games: The creative force behind BioShock, and BioShock: Infinite. Has officially been disbanded, Ken Levine has announced that the future of the BioShock Franchise is now in the hands of 2K Games. Burial at Sea: Episode 2, which will be the conclusion to Burial at Sea: Episode 1. DLC for BioShock Infinite, will be Irrational Games' last effort for the BioShock franchise.

    "I am winding down Irrational Games as you know it. I’ll be starting a smaller, more entrepreneurial endeavor at Take-Two. That is going to mean parting ways with all but about fifteen members of the Irrational team. There’s no great way to lay people off, and our first concern is to make sure that the people who are leaving have as much support as we can give them during this transition."

    -Ken Levine

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  • Chad Roberts

    So Game Informer sites Reveals that say Andrew Ryan will Have Major role on new DLC and Daisy Fitzroy will just Cameo Apperance, And they will said returned in Burial at Sea Episode 2, so there link to article (

    The Behind the Scenes is out now!!!

    And three pictures from article are here.

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  • Unownshipper

    Considering Hollywood's track record with adapting video games to film it's probably for the best that the plug was officially pulled on the proposed BioShock movie.

    The fact is that despite the limitless potential of the concept, talented individuals (like Gore Verbinski, John Logan, and others) associated with the project, and a devoted fanbase, it's difficult to take a 10-12 hour game (some say 8 if you just run through it) and compress it down to the length of a Hollywood theatrical film (1.5-3) without losing a lot of the heart and soul of the original.

    However, we can all still enjoy some beautiful concept art and imagine what could have been. An article posted on January 14, 2014 outlines the pre-production journey the film took before being cancelled.

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