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"What crawls in my garden?"

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Rose is a significant Rosebud Spider Splicer in BioShock. She is the first Splicer the player comes in contact with at the start of Welcome to Rapture. She is a very powerful Splicer, and whenever she is near the player she sprinkles rose petals from above (hence her name). She has her own unique dialogue, and can often be heard lamenting her withered beauty.

From inside the bathysphere in Welcome to Rapture, Jack witnesses her corner and slaughter Johnny. Upon realizing the presence of the newly arrived bathysphere, she begins to tear out its machinery, disabling the submersible. Later, she prepares to attack Jack, but is chased away by one of Atlas' hacked Security Cameras. She escapes the Welcome Center through Rapture's ventilation shafts and flees to Neptune's Bounty. (Read More...)

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